Roman Building Projects

A Marker of Social Organization and Military Success


Domus Regia

  • There were 3 renovations of the Domus Regia during the Republican period; 210 BC, 146 BC and 36 BC.
  • It’s the Cnaeus Domitius Calvinus renovation in 36 BC that interests us most. This is the one that was beautiful, finished in white marble blocks with the names of consuls and triumphators engraved on the walls.
Cnaeus Domitius Calvinus restored the Domus Regia in 36 BC. The building was relatively small but exquisite. It was paid for by the spoils from his victories in Spain. On the marble walls he engraved a list of consuls and those who were awarded triumphs (fasti consulares et triumphales). Today, this list can be seen in the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Campidoglio in Rome.