About the Architecture

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About this Graphic

This image is an architectural fantasy, inspired by a wall painting (fresco) found at a villa (presumably belonging to P. Fannius Synistor) in the town of Boscoreale, about 1.5 kilometers from Pompeii. It was executed as a 3-D graphic using Sketchup, Modo, Zbrush, Octane Render software as well as photogrammetric processing of digital images (of the vases) by Sebastian Michalski. Architectural elements (Corinthian columns) were based on the work of Andrea Palladio, found in his book “I Quattro Libri Dell’Architectura” Book I, chapter XVII-the Corinthian Order, reprint 1760. The composition was also influenced by Alma Tadema, especially his painting Her Eyes are with her Thoughts, and they are far away, 1897.

The villa at Boscoreale is quite large, consisting of 3 floors with approximately 30 rooms arranged around a garden surrounded by a colonnaded walkway (peristyle). It is of the type called a villa rustica, a working farm, with stables and the like, but primarily a luxurious vacation residence for its owner.

The wall paintings were done primarily in the late Second Style, also known as the Architectural Style, (classification formulated by August Mau, a 19th century German scholar), which employed trompe l’oeil, illusionistic techniques that gave the walls of a room the feeling of dimension and a larger space.

Wall paintings done in the second style from one of the bedrooms of the Villa Boscoreale.

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