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Roman Building Projects

A Marker of Social Organization and Military Success

These pages are organized to make it easier for the student to do research. Content is organized into 4 levels; level 1 is an abstract of the topic under discussion; level 2 is an outline in bullet format; level 3 is the full essay; level 4 is an annotated bibliography of the references used and where these references (outside of a library) may be found.

  1. Abstract
  2. Outline
  3. Essay
  4. Bibliography
GRAPHIC: Francesco Piranesi, ‘Sciographia Quatuor Templorum Veterum Pio Vi Pont Max Bono Christianae Reip Nato Et Artium Ingenvarum Felicitati A Francesco Piranesio Romano Dictata’, Sezione per lungo del Pantheon che dimostra il Pronao o Portico e l’interno del Tempio, 1780.